About Our Company

Being in the Foodservice industry for many years, trade shows and sales presentations were an essential part of my job. Creating height and dimension was challenging and that’s why I created my Sterling Riser display stands. Sterling meaning of something fine. Proudly made in America, they are food safe and dishwasher safe.

Not only are they functional, they are attractive and strong. Whether you are setting up for a presentation, catering an event or entertaining at home, My Risers will elevate your table to a whole new level. So, bring out those culinary delights and beautiful platters and raise them up, or show off your product in the spotlight.

Sterling Risers are travel-friendly and with our assortment of color legs, you can change the look of your stand in a snap!

Two Designs Multiple Looks!

Kathy Albaugh, owner of Sterling Risers

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